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What does the rent include?


What is an individual lease?


Are the apartments furnished?


What floor plans do you have?


Is there a deposit? Any other fees due at lease signing?


How long is the lease term?


When is move in day?


Is there a roommate matching service?


How do I pay my rent?


Do I have to pay for parking?

More FAQs

What is a guarantor?

Since most residents are full-time students, a guarantor is needed to get your lease agreement approved. A guarantor can be one of your parents, aunt, uncle, older sibling, etc. All residents go through a background screening and guarantors go through a credit check. The income requirement for a guarantor is 5 times the monthly rental amount. Your guarantor is not needed in person to sign your lease at University House, we can send the paperwork to guarantors electronically.

Can I sign a lease without a guarantor?

Yes, you can sign a lease agreement without a guarantor. If you plan to qualify on your own, you have to make and document that you earn three times the monthly rental amount per month. The resident can also make a 2-month prepayment to qualify for the contract. You will also have to pass the background and credit check based upon our rental criteria.

What paperwork is required to secure a room/ apartment at University House?

As University House leases individually, each resident is required to complete the application for housing, roommate matching form, and the housing agreement. Guarantors will have to complete the guaranty of housing agreement.

Will there be courtesy patrol at
University House?

University House will have a courtesy patrol officer in the evening hours to patrol the property. UH is also a controlled access building, so you have to have the required key to access the building at all times. The doors to the leasing center will remain open during business hours.

What is the proximity to campus?

University House is under construction on west campus at 2100 San Antonio. We are only 2 blocks from campus!

Can I break the lease?

University House does not have a clause in the housing agreement that allows residents, or future residents, with an approved housing agreement to cancel the agreement. If for any reason you no longer wish to live at University House, you can delegate your apartment/bed space. When delegating the housing agreement, the primary resident remains on the lease while allowing their delegated resident to occupy the space. The unassisted delegation fee is $200 and you are responsible for finding the person to take over your space. We also offer an assisted delegation fee of $40, which must be paid in advance before University House can assist the resident with finding someone to take over the space.

Where can I find the resident handbook?

University House will give all incoming residents a handbook on move in day. We also have the resident handbook available online.

Are the amenities open 24/7?

The computer lab, study rooms, workout facility, sky lounge, will all be open 24/7. The pool area will close at 10pm.

How do I receive mail and packages?

Each unit has a mailbox at University House, therefore if you have roommates you will share the mailbox. If you have packages delivered that will not fit in the mailbox, we will hold those packages in the leasing office. You will receive a notification from us if we are holding a package for you. You will create a 4-digit PIN code that you will enter when picking up your packages.

Does University House allow pets?

Unfortunately University House does not allow pets.

Is renters insurance required?

Renters Insurance is not required at University House but is highly recommended. Renters insurance is very inexpensive and covers your personal belongings in the event of a fire, theft, or natural disaster. University House is not liable under these circumstances.

What if I need maintenance is my bedroom or apartment?

Once you move in, you can submit a service request online or simply call the leasing office. If the issue is an emergency, University House will provide an afterhours maintenance emergency phone number.