About last year’s leasing issue

You may have heard that some folks were unhappy with the way University House Austin handled our leasing and placements a year ago. You may have even been warned not to consider us when looking for a new home for Fall 2019, because of that experience.

The truth is that University House leased up for the 2018-19 in less than one week’s time last year. It went so quickly that our staff and our electronic-signature process were still signing new incoming contracts even after all available spaces were already taken, leaving some people understandably frustrated and disappointed when we had to tell them we had no space for them. It took longer than it should have for us to figure out the problem and notify those applicants. It was an embarrassing mistake, and we should have done better.

Once we identified who was affected, our company Vice President personally called every applicant and we refunded every dollar, plus we covered each person’s extra costs in full. Just one individual wouldn’t accept payment and sued us to generate publicity for himself.

We have resolved all of the technical issues that led to this mistake last year. Great service for our residents is our mission, all day, every day. We’re focused on your experience, from your first tour to our surprise gift after move-in. And residents who sign with us now are guaranteed a reserved space in their selected floorplan for 2019-20.

We ask that you to stop by, meet our new team, and decide for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you home to University House.

Austin Lewis, General Manager
Mitchell Smith, Chief Operating Officer, The Scion Group